“Nicely, kindly I need u to teach me to do my own crap.”

Such was  my son Jeremy’s response when I asked him recently in what ways we could best support him in moving towards being more independent and feeling ready for supported living. Just goes to show you that even when you are living with non-verbals you have to watch what you say. Not just in choosing your vocabulary, but also in what you complain about.

Jeremy has probably overhead me say more that a few times, “I’m so sick of this crap!” when looking at the piles of official paperwork that needs to be filled out, sent in, or filed. And the pile of stuff that just seems to accumulate everywhere if you don’t immediately recycle it or find another home for it.

So I’m not perfect (at least not when verbalizing at home). And Jeremy has been learning to do his own crap, just not enough of it. I guess we need to ante up his crap-load. Stay tuned!