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Kirkus Book Review: A Full Life with Autism

A Full Life with Autism: From Learning to Forming Relationships to Achieving Independence is my latest book co-authored with my son Jeremy (foreword by Temple Grandin) that was published on March 27 by Macmillan. The book has received many excellent reviews. Here is one by Kirkus Book Reviews, whose reviewers  are known as the world’s toughest book critics:

For readers already knowledgeable about autism and Asperger’s syndrome, a hands-on approach to transitioning into adulthood.

Sicile-Kira (41 Things to Know about Autism, 2010, etc.) and her autistic son, Jeremy, join forces in this guidebook to help parents and their autistic offspring move beyond childhood and evolve into an adult life. Although special-education services exist for children with autism spectrum disorder, once a child reaches adulthood the lack of adult services becomes apparent. As the mother of a severely autistic child, the author understands the needs of caregivers and children on the spectrum alike to shift to a quality of life that provides independence for all parties. “To create the future that you and your adult child envision will take perseverance and work,” she writes. “But good quality of life and peace of mind is worth it.” Based on her research, Sicile-Kira has compiled the majority of available resources into an accessible handbook that provides information on topics such as romantic and sexual relationships, finding appropriate living arrangements for true self-sufficiency and acquiring and keeping a job. The author breaks each large, seemingly overwhelming undertaking into small, doable tasks. Bulleted lists sum up each chapter and help readers remain focused and on-track. Equally as effective are the short essays and “top ten tips for parents,” written by Jeremy. His voice gives a personal, honest perspective on the daily life, expectations and hopes of someone with special needs who wants to become as integrated into adult society as possible. Additional resources include reading material and websites for care providers and people on the spectrum.

A proactive method for raising an adult child with special needs.

 -Kirkus  Book Review

Questions from a Dad re Transition Services. Any Thoughts?

Here’s a few questions from a reader of  A Full Life With Autism.  Anyone wish to answer or comment? Please do so in comment section below.

Dear Chantal,
I have just begun reading your new book, A Full Life with Autism and am really appreciating all of the information that you have given.
My daughter is 19 years old and has Asperger’s syndrome.
We live in Eugene Oregon.
She is in a program that teaches living skills and work experience which has been excellent thus far.
She has only 1 more year after this one.
From what I was told, in Oregon, high school goes until 21.
She graduated from regular high school at 19 and this is the post education program.
You mentioned in your book that there are some states that offer educational services beyond 21.
Is there anyway that I can contest what the law has in effect for her in Oregon?
I feel that it would be so helpful if she could have at least one more year beyond next year before she heads into employment and life in general.
Also, I was wondering what states do provide services that go beyond 21?
Thank you and much appreciation for writing a book such as this for us parents and our children.