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    Chantal Sicile Kira

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    Chantal receives ASA award in Nashville

    Well-known for her practical advice on raising children and teenagers with autism and preparing for the transition to adult life, Chantal also provides parent empowerment workshops and autism awareness training.

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Founded by the parent of a child with Autism

Chantal with son Jeremy Sicile-Kira

When my son Jeremy was diagnosed over 20 years ago, I was told to find a good institution for him. Little did the doctors know that my professional experience was in teaching young adults the skills they needed to leave institutions and live in homes in their community.

Years later, Jeremy graduated with a full academic diploma from his local high school. Today, Jeremy is creating the self-determined life he wants to have as a productive young man. His success is due to his own hard work, his family, educators, and service providers working together to help him reach his goals.

My passion for empowering others has led me to create AutismCollege.com. As an award-winning author of five books, International speaker, and leader in the field of autism, I hope you enjoy the practical information I provide here and in my books. Feel free to contact me for your training needs.