I say, if the kids are still alive at five, I've done my job.

It’s been one of those days –  support person can’t come in because her puppy is sick and I’ve got tons to do.  Meanwhile, I find suspicious stains and matter on the floor and rug, and I’m not sure who is responsible for them (we do have a cat and a dog….). It takes a good hour to clean it up, because the matter  somehow  ended up on Jeremy shoes, which of course he then tracked all over the house.  I’m still finding stains hours later. Jeremy edits his homework assignment, but I can’t seem to upload it on his college blackboard assignment page. I get an extremely rude email from a person (who could use some tips from Miss Manners) demanding immediate  information  about a Taskforce I am co-chairing  and a California insurance bill (Just FYI – I’m not in charge of updating the Senate Autism Committee’s website where the Taskforce information is supposed to be posted, in case anyone was wondering… ).

In the middle of all this, Jeremy walks by where I am sitting as I try  to  resolve a problem on his computer. He gently drops the above postcard (which is usually taped up on our refrigerator) near me. Yup, Jeremy, it’s one of those days. Thanks for acknowledging it.

But there’s always tomorrow…..