Jeremy Using an iPad

Jeremy has been trying to master turning the pages of a book. He loves to read, and he loves learning, but getting all his motor planning / sensory processing to move the pages of a book are a bit much.   Here you can see how with the use of an iPad he learned quickly how to turn the pages of a book  on the iPad. Great use of technology!

First he learned to slide his finger across the screen:

Then he learned to slide his finger to turn the pages:

I hope this encourages others!

What Can Be Done to Help With Sensory Processing Challenges?


Auditory Integration Training / Photo Rebecca Sicile-Kira

In my last Psychology Today post I discussed sensory processing disorder, and received  comments and  questions from readers.  I had mentioned an article  in The Boston Globe that  mentioned that  a  group of  professionals and parents  was  lobbying to get sensory processing disorder included in the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Reader Dr. Joshua Feder wrote in to give us the link where people can provide input:  “Remember, the public commenting on the upcoming DSM-V is still in process and the addition of SPDs is in flux, so if you think it is important you can make your voice heard. Go to to learn more!

Sensory processing challenges is a hot topic at autism conferences  and this provides me the opportunity of asking adults on the autism spectrum  what we could do to make the sensory aspects of life easier for them, as well as children who may be unable to discuss what they are sensing. I have written up the answers in my book, 41 Things To Know About Autism, and I am mentioning some of them here. Continue reading »