Real Life and It’s Messiness
by Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Last year at this time I posted a dream I had involving Johnny Depp (do I have your attention now?)  and my 2012 goals on my author website. I realize that reading about the dream was more interesting than reading about my goals.

However this year it’s my son, Jeremy, who is having all the interesting dreams,  and I’ve written my goals down, but not sharing them here today.

Instead, here’s a painting by Jeremy entitled  Real Life and it’s Messiness and what he has to say about it: “Justly I dreamt I painted the real messiness of life that my nice aunt Sara helped me to portray. Usually the greatness of life in my other paintings is portrayed by great layers of color, but here I painted paper mâché and rock salt. Nicely it is very true to life.”

One thing that will help your life be less messy  is to set some goals. Here is an interesting blog post and graphic entitled  We Suck at Setting Goals from the Education Database Online website that shares some research and tells you want you can do to set some successful goals in the new year.

Best wishes in setting goals to help you enjoy life’s messiness.